Intelligent Call Solutions

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Save money and increase profitability by re-routing your incoming calls to any destination so that your customers can always get through.

Green Minute Calls

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Catering for ever-demanding environmental, CSR and suppliers policies whilst maintaining our low prices.

Conference Calls

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Our cost effective call conferencing service is a simple way to support the ‘Drive 5 miles less a week’ campaign from

Broadband Services

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Turn your office 'green' with an offsite hosted server. All the capabilities of an on-site server but no maintenance or electricity costs.

Price Promise

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We don't expect our customers to pay more for 'green' communications. We take great pride in our Price Promise.

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Green Minutes Line Types

Primarily used for making voice calls, connecting to fax machines and carry broadband.  A single line is capable of making one call at a time or a multiple line on the same phone number, allowing multiple calls to take place simultaneously.

ISDN2e (digital)
Is a digital high-performance voice and data line that has two 64k channels. Digital connections are often used for transferring large files securely, video-conferencing and linking Local Area Networks at different sites.  You can add further ISDN2e circuits increasing the number of simultaneous connections.

ISDN30 (digital)
Used by larger organisations, ISDN30 lines support between 8 and 30 digital channels and provides all of the features of ISDN2e

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  • We have a wide product knowledge so you can be assured you always have the product that suits your needs
  • Save money on your line rental
  • Lines are installed and maintained by BT Openreach engineers
  • Transfer is FREE of charge
  • Quick and easy transfer allowing you to maintain your existing numbers and services
  • We fully manage any fault reports with BT Openreach on your behalf
  • We project manage site moves and any required changes to service